Even a Year After Trump Elected, He Still Wants to Make America Great Again

Trump's original campaign message has never been lost from his presidency even a year after he was elected.

By Emelia Rohl (erohl@wisc.edu)

Can you feel it? America is getting greater by the second. It’s almost a year since Donald Trump took office, and what was his top priority, his biggest promise? Making America Great Again. He’s off to a great start.

What’s his best accomplishment yet? Merry Christmas, we are saying Merry Christmas again. Truly that represents the shift in our society. Under Obama, America was losing some of the traditional values that make our country amazing. The unnecessary cultural war that liberals have been trying to wage on Americans for the past eight years is fading. Once again, we can finally stop apologizing for what America stands for and instead start being proud of it.

Donald Trump’s first great accomplishment since being elected? Appointing Neil Gorsuch. Neil Gorsuch is a Justice that everyone can get behind, a true leader who will uphold the constitution and judge with fairness. History happens every day, and each day the Supreme Court faces monumental decisions, including the most recent, the Masterpiece Cakeshop Case. We can be put at ease knowing that our Supreme Court is well-equipped to uphold the spirit of free speech and freedom of religion (and the real truth about wedding cake) especially with Neil Gorsuch now on board.

Did Republicans flop on health care? That’s one way to look at it. Or one could say Republicans are taking the time to fully assess the situation to ensure the new healthcare bill they pass in the future will benefit all Americans instead of penalizing hardworking Americans and deteriorating our healthcare system like Obamacare. The “Affordable” Care Act mandated Americans buy plans they didn’t necessarily need or couldn’t afford and provided few choices and a lack of coverage. Hopefully, in the next year, Republicans will restore our health care choices back to the people they will be impacting.

What else have Republicans made moves on? Tax Reform for starters. Americans have been burdened under the weight of the Obama administration’s taxes for years. It’s a personal tragedy that many of our families experience, crippled by the weight of increased taxes. In addition, Obama-era taxes have buried small businesses and pushed large American corporations out of the country. Now? There’s incentive for American business to settle back in the country. Now? There will be more tax breaks for small businesses and hard-working families who know they deserve a break that’s long overdue.

Another jaw-dropping achievement? Trump’s travel ban is enforced. This is a great display of the value the president places on national security. Recently, around the world and in our own country, we’ve seen instances of terror attacks. President Trump values the American people and is devoted to protecting us. Trump’s travel ban will work to prevent individuals who hate America or wish to cause harm, from infiltrating our country. After all, to protect others, we first need to protect ourselves. Securing our own borders will help keep America the number one country in the world.

President Trump’s administration also rolls back a significant portion of federal government regulations placed on labor, the environment and public health by the Obama administration. By reducing government regulations, President Trump is helping reduce government involvement in our lives, and boost the economy.

Overall, we’ve had a great first year. President Trump has expanded rights that were once infringed upon by the Obama Administration, effectively reaffirming that our rights don’t come from government, but our creator. You’ll hear from our opponents how terrible this past year has been, they’ll rant about non-existent instances of discrimination and hate, they will bash every Republican piece of legislation (even if it benefits them) and they will make claims of a hostile political environment. But the truth is our opponents are the ones who created the hostile environment in the first place. Their cries of Trump’s discrimination? False — they’re just offended because suddenly they’re not the only ones with a voice, suddenly conservatives are allowed to speak too.

The Trump administration is on a mission to Make America Great Again. Beyond boosting our economy, securing our borders or protecting our rights, President Trump’s biggest achievement? Boosting morale! I’ve never seen more people, Democrat or Republican, energized by American politics. Make America Great Again and Merry Christmas!

This article was also published in The Badger Herald.

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