College Republicans at UW-Madison Endorse Donald Trump

While we do not necessarily agree with every statement he makes, nor every policy he embraces, College Republicans at UW-Madison support our nominee for President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. With approval from our executive board and overwhelming support from our general members, we’re going to stand with our party’s nominee for President.

Not supporting our nominee would be detrimental to our elections closest to home, including reelecting Ron Johnson to the United States Senate. Our top priority since this all began last year has always been Ron Johnson, and we’re committed to seeing that through in the final days of this election cycle.

We do not wish to isolate our members who disagree with this statement, and will continue to find ways to include all spectrums of the Republican Party and conservative platform. College Republicans are a blanket organization for the conservative voice on campus and we will continue to be. We look forward to an inclusive year, and our opportunities to spread our message of smart, compassionate conservatism here on campus.

With that being said, College Republicans at UW-Madison are excited to work towards electing Donald Trump our country’s next President, and together we will help Make America Great Again!