College Republicans Issue Second Statement Condemning Student Council

MADISON – The Associated Students of Madison’s Student Council passed their third “Ban, Divest, and Sanction” piece of legislation last night at their council meeting. After failing on March 29th to pass the legislation, council passed the creation of a divestment committee on April 12th, over Passover, breaking a number of their own bylaws and the legislation was halted by the Student Judiciary by way of an injunction.

Last night, after proposing a “watered-down” version of the legislation, members of council attacked Senior Class President, Ariela Rivkin, a Jewish student on campus. They proceeded to attach amendments condemning Israel, even after numerous council members walked out of the meeting.

The College Republicans at UW-Madison thank Chancellor Blank for her swift condemnation of the BDS movement. They also call on the Wisconsin state government to do the same. Our state legislators should condemn ASM and their disgusting BDS legislation, introduce the segregated fee opt-out, and make every effort to end ASM, as they do nothing but hurt UW-Madison and our great state.

Chairman of the College Republicans at UW-Madison, Jake Lubenow, issued the following statement:

“The College Republicans continue to stand with the Jewish community on campus in their opposition to BDS legislation. Attacking corporations and Jewish students on campus has no place at UW. We will do everything in our power to end ASM, as all they seem motivated to do is attack students on campus who disagree with them. ASM’s blatant anti-Semitism will not be tolerated by our organization.

We are asking our state legislators to stand with us and condemn ASM and their BDS legislation. We ask them to propose a segregated fees opt-out and end our student government who does not represent our student body but only hurts our campus and state.”

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College Republicans at UW-Madison Issue Statement Condemning ASM’s BDS Legislation

MADISON – Tonight, March 29th, the Associated Students of Madison (ASM) will vote on a piece of “Ban, Divest, and Sanction” (BDS) legislation at their council meeting. BDS legislation targets the state of Israel and all who participate in the state’s great democracy. The legislation aims to help Palestinians and Arabs living in Israel but only harms all parties involved. BDS legislation will damage the university’s image to the world, deter internship programs on campus, hurt Arabs living in the state of Israel, and create a hostile environment to students on campus who stand with Israel.


The College Republicans at the University of Wisconsin-Madison call for a response to this egregious resolution. First, that the university immediately condemn such hateful legislation and rhetoric that is entirely unproductive. Second, ASM either withdraws or rejects this piece of legislation. And third, students across campus stand together against ASM’s radical and horrible legislation.


Chairman of the College Republicans at UW-Madison, Jake Lubenow, issued the following statement:


“I've spent the past four days in Washington DC learning about the bipartisan fight to maintain our strong alliance with the one true democratic middle eastern state of Israel. BDS legislation should not and will not be tolerated by our activist student government. BDS is an anti-Semitic, hateful, and poorly thought out movement that hurts Israelites, Americans, Arabs, and students at UW.


The College Republicans at UW-Madison will do everything in our power to continue to be a strong ally of the state of Israel and do our part to defeat this horrible legislation. We call on the university officials as well as students to take a strong stance against BDS legislation.


Our organization is sick and tired of ASM pushing a radical, progressive agenda that does not represent the student body. It is not hard to imagine why only 9% of students participate in their elections.”

College Repulicans Statemet on YAF Event

MADISON – The College Republicans of UW-Madison firmly urge the administration of the University of Wisconsin-Madison to condemn the Student Coalition for Progress’ petition to denounce Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) at UW by classifying YAF as a hate group and forcing YAF members into mandatory diversity training.

On November 16th, 2016, outspoken conservative Benjamin Shapiro was invited by YAF to speak here on campus. Since the speech, a student organization called the Student Coalition for Progress, started a petition on that has garnered minimal support, but makes several unsubstantiated and damaging claims. The Student Coalition for Progress is not a registered student organization and there are no members to hold accountable for their actions.

Chairman of the College Republicans of UW-Madison, Jake Lubenow, released the following statement:

“The University of Wisconsin-Madison should immediately condemn this inflammatory petition that is at best damaging but could simply be labeled as libel. The petition does not make a single claim substantiated with evidence of any kind. YAF should be able to speak their opinions as long as they are not infringing on the rights of others. By attempting to silence YAF, the Student Coalition for Progress and the University of Wisconsin are infringing upon their First Amendment right to freedom of speech. Our organization will not stand idly by while our campus violates the Constitution. We stand in solidarity with other conservative organizations on our campus as we continue to fight for the freedom of speech and association.”

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College Republicans at UW-Madison Endorse Donald Trump

While we do not necessarily agree with every statement he makes, nor every policy he embraces, College Republicans at UW-Madison support our nominee for President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. With approval from our executive board and overwhelming support from our general members, we’re going to stand with our party’s nominee for President.

Not supporting our nominee would be detrimental to our elections closest to home, including reelecting Ron Johnson to the United States Senate. Our top priority since this all began last year has always been Ron Johnson, and we’re committed to seeing that through in the final days of this election cycle.

We do not wish to isolate our members who disagree with this statement, and will continue to find ways to include all spectrums of the Republican Party and conservative platform. College Republicans are a blanket organization for the conservative voice on campus and we will continue to be. We look forward to an inclusive year, and our opportunities to spread our message of smart, compassionate conservatism here on campus.

With that being said, College Republicans at UW-Madison are excited to work towards electing Donald Trump our country’s next President, and together we will help Make America Great Again!