How can I get involved?

  1. Like and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (optional)

  2. Join our CR Member Page on Facebook and our WIN page!

  3. Join our email list (at the bottom of the page)

  4. Attend our next meeting! All our events are posted on our Facebook page as well as our emails.

What do College Republicans do aside from helping campaigns?

One of the most important parts of our organization is growing the grassroots support for Republican candidates both in Wisconsin and nationwide. However, being a member of College Republicans is also socially engaging. Many of our members have become best friends through our organization and we host numerous social events including bonfires, tailgates, study nights, gun range visits, and even a formal event.

Do College Republicans participate in non-political service events?

Yes, UW-Madison College Republicans understand the importance of giving back to the community. Our members have volunteered by ringing bells for the Salvation Army, participating in an annual 9/11 memorial project, and working with the Student Veterans Organization on campus.

How much of a time commitment is College Republicans?

This depends on the member. Some of our members are extremely involved and help plan and coordinate our events, while others only come to an occasional meeting. There are no time requirements for members and your level of involvement is up to you!

Do I have to pay dues to attend a meeting?

We do not restrict our meetings to only dues-paying members, but we do encourage those who put College Republicans on their resumé or eat food at our events to pay dues. Additionally, you must be a dues-paying member in order to buy one of our T-shirts.

Can College Republicans endorse political candidates?

Yes, our organization can endorse political candidates, but this rarely happens. Our organization’s purpose is to help all Republican candidates get elected at a state and federal level.